Adventures in Upstate New York

Adventures in Upstate New York


In any season, the picturesque outdoor settings of Upstate New York are a wonder to behold. And there are so many ways to enjoy them, whether you like a quieter, solitary experience or feed off an adrenaline rush with friends. From learning about our history to experiencing the thrill of zipping through the trees, the editors at have captured exciting footage to give you a taste of what to expect when you go to these special spots.

No matter how you like to get out there, here are 5 ways to have an adventure in Upstate New York.

Upstate’s historic forts

Across Upstate New York, centuries-old forts remain a symbol of the birth of a new country. Today, these forts operate as museums and parks dedicated to preserving military history and American heritage.


Adventure courses

Visitors can tackle multiple courses with varying degrees of difficulty at Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure Park in Canandaigua. Each course includes elements such as suspended walkways, tightropes, ziplines and a "skateboard" to traverse between treetops. These courses are for ages 7 and up, but the Kids' adventure park creates similar (but lower to the ground) experiences for ages 4-7.


Glamping (and an animal encounter)

The calm, family-friendly retreat near Ithaca offers upscale tents and cabins for rent. When you're not relaxing in the pool, browsing the curated mercantile shop or checking out the nearby wineries, interact with the horses, koi fish, chickens, peahens and peacocks on the property.


Lake Ontario lighthouses

Lighthouses on Lake Ontario, one of The Great Lakes, have been lighting the way for ships since well before the Civil War. There are around 20 lighthouses you can visit by following the Seaway Trail.


Zoom through the forest

Appreciate the scenic Virgil Valley by air or land. Take a guided tour of four ziplines, ride the gravity-fed Mountain Coaster or try the other activities at Greek Peak's Outdoor Adventure Center in Cortland.



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