Carmelo Anthony comes home to the Dome



It was a rough season opener for Syracuse fans. The Syracuse Orange lost to national champion Virginia in the Dome. But former Syracuse University basketball star Carmelo Anthony brought a few happy moments to the game.

“It’s good, man,” Anthony said. “Any time I get a chance to come back I embrace it. I enjoy it. This is the home. This is home. The energy, the feeling is different. Ain’t no love like Syracuse love.”

Anthony wore a yellow sweatshirt and colorful plaid jacket with matching hat. He watched most of the game wearing sunglasses.

“It was in the closet,” Anthony said of his wardrobe. “I’m used to this weather. I knew I had to be warm. I thought about going all-orange but I decided this was it.”

S.U. students chanted “Melo, Melo” as soon as he appeared in the Dome. Melo answered back with a peace sign and wave.

Anthony said he’s been back to the Carrier Dome only a couple of times since winning the national title in 2003.

But fans still chanted Anthony’s name and gave him a hero’s greeting, because that’s what he’ll always be to Central New Yorkers.

At halftime, fans crowded so much around Anthony’s courtside seat that a security guard asked them to return to their seats. Most obliged.

Later when a Syracuse University official asked if Anthony wanted to take a break in a private section, Anthony declined. He kept signing, smiling and winking with that same good nature that won fans over in 2003.