Explore Central New York’s outdoor art scene

Take a tour around town, and you’re sure to run into some kind of psychedelic and insightful surprise. In fact, you’ll find larger-than-life visuals, artistic undulations and even a monstrous dragon scattered throughout the area. Here’s a look at CNY’s outdoor art scene.

Photo by Alaina Potrikus

The Hand

Location: 200 block of East Washington Street.

The nine-foot-tall “high five” greets pedestrians in front of Syracuse’s City Hall Commons.

Photo by Alaina Potrikus


Location: Lemp Park

Artist: Tash Taskale

The sphere is made of galvanized steel binary numbers.

Photo by Alaina Potrikus


Location: Everson Museum of Art, 401 Harrison St.

Artist: Lila Katzen

The large-scale abstract metal installation greets visitors outside the museum designed by iconic American architect I.M. Pei.

Photo by Alaina Potrikus

Walt, the “Loch West Monster”

Location: 300 block of West Fayette Street

Artist: Brendan Gabriel Rose.

On the edge of Armory Square, a giant dragon made of steel plates, concrete, ceramic and wood watches over the entrance to the Onondaga Creekwalk.




Photo by Alaina Potrikus


Location: Everson Museum of Art, 401 Harrison St.

Artist: Robert Murray

This bright red linear sculpture dominates the museum plaza.





Photo by Alaina Potrikus

Public percussion

Location: Lemp Park

The pocket park on the corner of East Fayette and South Warren streets is home to weather-resistant percussion instruments. Pick up the mallets, and the notes will be heard throughout the downtown corridor. There’s a similar installation featuring a xylophone and tuba like wind instrument is in Columbus Circle.



Photo by Alaina Potrikus

Eureka Crafts mosaics

Location: 210 Walton St.

Artist: Ginger Dunlap-Dietz

Outside the Armory Square storefront, there’s a bench and wall created from shards of pottery, ceramics and tiles. Look for the face of Greek philosopher Archimedes hidden in the pattern.




Photo by Alaina Potrikus

Immersive Cloud

Location: South Townsend and East Genesee streets.

Artist: Daekwon Park

This undulating set of stainless-steel disks floats at the busy corner and reflects the foliage of the surrounding trees.




Photo by Alaina Potrikus

Lipe Art Park

Location: 1003 W. Fayette St.

Lipe is a public art park in an old rail yard on the edge of Syracuse’s Near West Side.