Fall in Central New York

The leaves around here really like to show off.

Harvest time

We love our gentle autumn afternoons of soft light, vibrant color, and the laughter of children at play. We gather friends to sing around a campfire, cheer on a favorite team, or head out to pick apples. We map our foliage trips, oohing and aahing as fall color flows from the Adirondacks. In other places, festival season might be winding down. Here, we gear up, taking the kids to the Golden Harvest Festival at Beaver Lake Nature Center, planning which movies to see at the Syracuse International Film Festival, and carrying home pies and cider from the LaFayette Apple Festival.


Our autumn is a love story told in vivid color


Every autumn, our landscape goes wild with color. Our climate, soil, and hillsides combine to grow perfect apples. We pick our own at dozens of local orchards. Or sometimes we stop at roadside stands for a bag or a bushel. We grab a quart or a gallon of the freshest possible apple cider. The apple pies are delicious, and when we stoke a fireplace with applewood, the sweet fragrance makes the whole neighborhood feel like home.

Autumn events we don't want to miss