Find out where Syracuse eats

Whether you have a hankering for a specific type of food, need to break out of your usual routine, or are new to the area, the members of the Where Syracuse Eats Facebook page can guide you to good eats.

The goal of the page, which boasts nearly 27,000 members, is to provide a place for reviews and commentary on meals and service at restaurants and bars in the Syracuse area. The conversations are often lively – with the occasional spirited debate.

A Fairytale cocktail at Peacock

Group members ask about what restaurants might be open on a particular holiday (or a Monday), who accommodates or has options for certain dietary or allergy restrictions, restaurants serving a particular cuisine’s dish or item (kolaczki, tamales, kimchijiggae) or even recommendations for wedding caterers.

Many share photos and tales of a great meal out; occasionally some share a negative experience.

takeout from Thai Love NY

Scrolling through the posts is an excellent way to find out about new or new-to-you spots to try. Locals ask about sit-down restaurants as well as take-out joints.

Honest, respectful reviews and photos of the food are always welcome. The group is searchable so you can check for questions that have already been asked and answered.

The cheesy Irish poutine at Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse

The next time you’re hungry but don’t know where to go, consult the local crowd and find out where Syracuse eats.

Photos by Jane Marmaduke Woodman, Jared Paventi, Jacob Pucci