Living and loving life in CNY

Why Tammy Reese loves her hometown

Dear Central New York,

Thanks so much for affirming that I don’t have to live in a major city to have my wildest dreams come true. All I ever wanted to do was be in the entertainment, media industries. As an independent multimedia content creator so many visions and goals of mine have come to life right here in Syracuse, NY.

Countless times I’ve been told I had to live in a major city for anything major to ever happen for me. At a point, I really believed that. I don’t anymore. Right from the comfort of my home I covered the 93rd Academy Awards as press and got to chat with Oscar winners virtually right after they gave their award acceptance speech live on TV. I was in awe that evening. The winners were accepting their awards and immediately went backstage to talk to invite-only press members digitally about their wins and films. It was an epic evening that I was a part of and that I will never forget.

I regularly interview celebrities and influencers right from zoom or phone. I got to speak to Academy Award Winning Actress Geena Davis, cover press events for TV One, and Lifetime Networks, interview veteran actors and actresses such as Leon, and Megan Good Franklin. Also, I’ve interviews legendary music artists such as Mystikal, Christopher “Play” Martin (Kid ‘N Play), Slim, and Mike from Grammy Award Winning R&B group 112. Did I mention I did all this from home?

The home of the Orange that is … why would I leave the place that I love? I grew up here. I love making an impact through my platform to inspire, uplift, and empower our community. I don’t just love CNY because I get to be connected to the industry and work from home. I also love our history.

We have the Great New York State Fair in our backyard, amazing restaurants, beautiful lakes, and nature parks. From the Westcott area to downtown, the South Side to the North Side, our region is so special, so unique, so diverse, and going to take off with the Syracuse Surge initiative for sure.

There are so many individuals and agencies that help families and people who are struggling health-wise and financially. Shall I go on?

What is there not to love about CNY? My favorite place is Onondaga Lake Park, but if you’re viewing Syracuse on the highway at night, or downtown during Juneteenth or at Christmastime, you will truly understand how beautiful our city is. But the best part is that everywhere is a 20-minute drive.

The power of InterNetworking allows me to live my wildest dreams from the city I adore.

I can travel anytime I want but there is no place like home.


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