The median home price is $125,745, and the homeownership rate is 65.1 percent. The largest city, also named Cortland, might seem like a college town, but the county offers much more variety.

Rural life and artistic creativity

Manufacturing, higher education, and agriculture are important economic sectors. SUNY Cortland is a major employer. The corridor along Route 13 heading toward Ithaca has traits of a bedroom community for Cornell University. Manufacturing relies on a well-educated workforce. The county’s central location and easy access to major highways and rail lines makes distribution another important industry. Like so many places in CNY, Cortland values the arts. The Center for the Arts of Homer and the Cortland Repertory Theatre stage performances that attract audiences from beyond the region.

  • Population: 48,713
  • Largest city: Cortland
  • Medium home price: $125,745

A quick glimpse of the county