Live in Oswego County

The median home price is $109,000, and the homeownership rate is 72.4 percent. Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake, and numerous rivers make waterfront living common here. Lake Ontario’s shoreline is known for stunning sunsets.

Energy, history, waterfront

Three nuclear generating stations, SUNY Oswego, and agriculture are anchors for employment. Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake, and numerous rivers offer recreation and plentiful fishing. Lake Ontario connects to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence Seaway and makes Oswego an international port. The lake moderates temperatures and drops heavy snow in northern Oswego County and the Tug Hill Plateau, making them meccas for snowmobile enthusiasts. Fort Ontario, which dates to the French and Indian War, is a state historic site. The fort was the “Safe Haven” for 982 Jews fleeing the Holocaust in World War II.

  • Population: 120,513
  • Largest city: Oswego
  • Medium home price: $109,000

A quick glimpse of the county