Seven things to consider before you relocate

Thinking about relocating? Kickstarting your life?

Whether you’re single or part of a family, here are the top things you should consider:

  • Career opportunities. Make sure there are robust employment opportunities where you’re headed. It’s a good safety net for your spouse or significant other, or if the job you’ve accepted doesn’t live up to your expectations. You won’t have to move again, you can jump to a new role in your new hometown. Check out to compare your salary and the cost of living in the area you’re considering as your new home.
  • Don’t take a job based on the salary alone. The cost of living varies from city to city and state to state. Make comparisons on
  • Ease of getting around. Consider your lifestyle here. Do you enjoy lengthy commutes? Or do they make you crazy? Does downtime in traffic bother you? If so, steer away from large cities with poor public transit systems. Focus on mid-size cities instead.
  • Real estate costs. At some point you’ll want to buy a home, townhouse, condo, something to call your own and to invest in your future. Real estate costs vary across the country, so do your homework. It can cost twice as much to buy a home in a large metropolitan area, as opposed to a smaller, mid-size city.
  • Got kids? Looking to enhance your own skill sets? Make sure there are great school systems for your children and lots of opportunities for you to further your own education.
  • What’s going on? Check out the local media sites for what’s happening in your potential new home town. Make sure those enticements ­– sports, arts, food, diversity, outdoor activities – are there in abundance.
  • Getaway time. No matter how much we love where we live, we all need a little getaway. Make sure there are exciting places close by for weekend escapes.