St. Sophia’s Greek Cultural Festival

Every June during the summer festival season, St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church on Waring Road in Dewitt, hosts their Greek Cultural Festival.

Greek folk dancing for crowd at St. Sophia's Greek Cultural Festival








The festival, now in its 46th year, blends music, dance and traditional Greek food and desserts.

a pan of freshly grilled kebabs at the Greek Cultural Festival

People start lining up long before the festival starts on Thursday evening; it runs through Sunday afternoon. Savory kebabs, souvlakis, gyros, spanakopita and more satisfy hungry attendees.


Desserts include baklava (also serves as a sundae), Kourabiedes (powdered sugar butter cookies), Finiki (walnut cookies dipped in syrup) and Bougatsa (custard-filled filo pastries). The most popular dessert is usually the Loukoumades.

frying dough for loukoumades at the Greek Cultural Festival

Loukoumades, or honey puffs, are fried dough balls dipped in a sweet honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. Here’s how volunteers fry up more than 32,000 of the treats.

wrapping finiki at Syracuse's Greek cultural festival

Each day boasts at least two live dance performances by adults and youth. The dancers wear traditional costumes and on Saturday, visit the main tent to learn Greek folk dances. Those interested in learning more about the culture can join daily church tours or iconography demonstrations.

Stop by one of the wine tasting sessions and enjoy wines and spirits from across the Mediterranean country.

volunteers serving at St. Sophia's Greek Cultural Festival

The festival relies on volunteers to serve attendees as cooks, cashiers and runners in addition to handling other logistics such as clean up.

The 2020 Greek Cultural Festival is scheduled for Thursday, June 11 through Sunday, June 14.