Summer in Central New York

It's the time to wonder and wander... among our green hills, blue water                and wide open spaces.

You're getting warmer

When people visit or travel here for business, they invariably marvel: It’s so green here. The next thing they say: You have so many rivers and lakes. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves: Not everyplace is like ours. Unlike other places, our summer rarely has a hot or humid day. In fact, since Syracuse record-keeping started we've hit 100 degrees only a dozen times. Our warmest month, July, has an average high temperature of 82°F.


Softly caressing breezes in a land of emerald green


In spring, we put away the winter boots and open all the windows to outdoor warmth. Parks, rivers, and lakes beckon anew. And Central New York anglers have some fishin' to do. With trout and salmon seasons starting every April 1, legions of fly-fishing enthusiasts are drawn to the water. Because Central New Yorkers embrace civic action, we organize a region of volunteers for Earth Day cleanups. Festival season starts, turning Clinton Square and so many other hot spots, into places where memories are made.

Events we don't want to miss in Summer