What does your good life in CNY look like?

What Does Your Good Life in CNY Look Like?


Like our many (many) flakes of snow, each individual's idea of a good life looks a little different. And while everyone has a unique ideal in mind, we think no matter what you are looking for, you can find it here in Central New York. From establishing family traditions to pursuing professional accomplishments, the area provides a safe, friendly and scenic backdrop to your way of living. We've asked 15 Central New Yorkers who have important roles in building and enriching our community to share what they love about CNY and how they live their good life.

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Mike Curtis
Tanner Efinger
David Haas
Samara Hannah
Michael John Heagerty
Marisol Hernandez
Evelyn Ingram
Sora Iriye
Lauren Kochian
Lawrence Loh
Dr. Emad Rahim
Joe Rainone
Dr. Juhanna Rogers
Christina Sauve
Hasan Stephens


You can live your best life in Central New York too!

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